Get Back Program

Let’s be honest, how quickly do you buy and get rid of clothes? How many times have you bought a shirt, worn it once, then tossed it in the goodwill bag. I get it! I change my mind as often as the sun rises, and I’ll admit, I’ve done it too! We’d all like to think that when that top goes to goodwill, someone else will buy and love it the way you thought you would. But in reality, it’s doomed to end up in landfills, a lot of which sits for pretty much ever. SO- I am pleased to introduce the Get Back Program. When you are ready to make space and give up your coveted clothes made by yours truly, you can trade them in for discounts to buy something fresh and new! And when your pre-loved pieces are resold, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a rotating list of charities. I want to keep my clothes out of the landfill and in circulation - forever - and I’m hoping this is a good start. 

Check out the rules and regulations here- and when you're ready, fill out the information below and I’ll get back to you shortly! Thanks so much for giving your clothes another chance!




The following questions are optional but appreciated!